NH Eliminates Concealed Carry License Requirement


And then there are the priorities up here in New Hampshire. Please. Honestly, I’m ashamed to be a Granite Stater today.

Why? The removal of the license requirement for a hidden pistol. An odd priority. We don’t want to know who’s carrying a concealed weapon? Becuase getting a license is such a onerous burden for the poor gun owner?

Do you think I am a stupid man? It increasingly seems that you do. That’s where you’d be wrong.

Gov. Sununu: listen up. Do you remember that argument that you gun lovers are always waving in my liberal face about personal responsibility – “guns don’t kill people, people do?” I agree. I like it too. We should never blame an inanimate object for the actions of those that use it. So.. it logically follows if you don’t legalize Marijuana tomorrow, you might no longer be able to be credited with the ability to think rationally. I’m serious. If arguments work, then they work. If they don’t, they don’t. But if the argument doesn’t work; if it really is the ‘thing itself’ that does the killing – then you get rid of all your guns, and I’ll put down this blunt.

Governor, you’re an educated man. May I ask one favor, as I am a former database administrator? Take 10 minutes out of your day. Get one of your data guys to tally up a spreadsheet for you comparing Gun deaths vs. Weed deaths, last 10 years, US. Then join me back over here in the reality based world and lets make some decisions. Or give me a call explaining the flaws in my logic, and I’ll try not to die ROTFL. You can’t, and we both know it. So show some actual leadership. iIn other words, take an unpopular but logical, moral stance. We already know you have a blind willingness to pander to your base. Whoop dee doo.

Huh, I wonder …. what IS really killing Americans? Now that is a question worthy of our deep consideration. If we only had time, and if anyone cared more than they currently do. It has become painfully and distressingly obvious that the question of what IS really killing Americans is not a topic we want to reflect upon. In other contexts, this would be called ‘denial’.

I eagerly await the day when common sense returns to our rugged, flinty state. One of the reasons I moved to New Hampshire was because I believed it still existed here. That old Yankee wisdom. I was wrong.

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