Local Food

And, some real life sandwiches in case you’re ever around these parts:

We all have to eat, and those that know me know that I’ll eat just about anything. While still at the old office, my lunch buddies and I used to frequently get the large Guiseppe’s special large pie for lunch (onions, peppers, mushroom, sausage and pepperoni), and during a particularly depressing and robust-looking time in my life (divorce can be a bear) I developed the nickname six-slice. I have always found great comfort in food, and I still do. Mom taught me to bake and make candies (guess who did the pestering) and those skills have been a joy to me (and a few of my friends) for my whole life.

I ate a lot of Mac & cheese during the dark days of my divorce, let me tell you, and I found myself mighty comforted. Mighty comforted. I did whatever it took to survive. And I did okay. And still, as has been the case forever, nothing interrupts the cocky and ever-present  metronome of my 20-goal-a-year seasons on the pitch. I don’t care who I’m playing with. I don’t care if it’s left foot, right foot, angle flick, header, trash off the elbow; I don’t care how it goes in and I never have. There’s just something about knowing just how to be in exactly the place you are needed, at exactly the moment the need arises, that is magical to me. I have always been good at that. At least on the soccer field.

If I get sad I make pasta; for anxiety, I keep lots of nuts and snacks around; for outright depression, lots of Dunkin Boston Creme donuts. (and yes, thanks DDs – they have in fact been making me happy since around 1950). Anyway, It seems to help. At least for a while. Then, like some kind of parabolic curve, the airplane slows down and stalls; and the mood starts to get worse. It begins to get tough to even get to the kitchen for that last Klondike Heath bar. And then the depression really kicks in. Look out. Body for Life, anyone? That shit works, I’ll tell you. Someday I’l write about that too.

Anyway, life has it’s ups and downs for sure, lol. But remind me – I’ll have to ask Scarp – I think I may have given that nickname to myself. I do that sometimes. Forgive me.

Anyway, in case you’re interested, (highly doubtful), below are my current top three (for brevity’s blessed sake) favorite real life sandwiches, at least those in the current roster, as well as some local highlights and info.  You can see I don’t get out much, lol, but if your ever within ten miles of here this list just might save your life ha ha ha. Keep in mind Meredith has lots of fancy places on the lake that can fend for themselves, so I don’t need to mention them directly. It is a great town, my happy home for 25 years, a wonderful destination, and a place where many folks of all stripes have lingering and fond summer memories. Summer camps abound. It should go without saying, NH Fall Foliage is worth coming by carraige from Urbansk. Wherever that is. If it’s a city alt all, lol. If it is, I know it’s far away.

So … these items, and spots, are more my current local faves.

Straight up best Burger: Rotates, but current #1 is the San Fran burger at Sunshine and Pa’s, (butter grilled sourdough toast, 1/3 lb. burger, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, w/ thousand island) (You can tell him retired Dave and EFI John sent you, and that we swear to God we’ll be quiet next time. He’ll get a good laugh.) ** D History note: the Sunroom section at Sunshine and Pa’s was my first independent contracting job in NH, 1986. The wonderful owner Madge, (it was then a flower shop)  subsequently became my lifelong friend. Sadly, she died in December after a hell-wrestle with single cell lung cancer. Mark and the family are still in the dumps. We all are.

Steak and Cheese: The awesome, dripping, pepper filled steak-and-cheese wrap at the Waterfall Cafe, also in scenic Meredith. I want Fruit AND cottage, and don’t give me any of your lip about the extra side, Katrina. (She’s the best. New baby!)

Wineing Butcher, Meredith: Great gourmet provisions including fresh meats, seafoods, and the best maryland crab cake I heave ever eaten, certainly in NH (size of an entree but 12 bucks). Also if you like: every possible flavor of Pellegrino, great wines, sandwiches, and brick oven pizza.

George’s Diner: Best of the best, no intro needed. I think I’ve eaten a thousand breakfasts and lunches at Georges since I moved to Meredith in 1994. (perhaps they are as much to blame as anyone for my decrepit, drooping appearance, lol. George left a long a long time ago, but I’m suddenly still resentful). I have not once had a bad meal, a bad cup of coffee, an unsatisfying sausage-egg sandwich, too-dry hash browns, or an unfriendly waitress. You could tell em I sent you but they probably still don’t know my name. Tell Patty this: it’s  the old guy who sits at the counter with the Daily Sun, a little bald, grey, wispy, and quiet now, but who used to have that gorgeous red beard back in the day. Sorta like Eric the Red. She may remember. Lotsa women do, lol.

Veggie: I make these all the time at home. Some soft wheat bread, heavy mayo and hummus, slices of cucumber, red onion, and tomato.Optional avocado and sprouts if they are on hand. Lots of salt and pepper. No cheese.

Getting hungry! Ciao! Grilled cheeses, yum.

The Eric the red phase, late eighties, ME camp.
Sweet crane Tshirt from Aerie Design NC.
Bought at craft fair on random deep south junket, 1982 (?).
We talked silkscreening for half an hour. She was a beauty and so talented!