Monthly Archives: November 2016

Wrestling with Jello, or, the Election of Donald Trump

Those folks who have experienced the trauma of engaging deeply with an extreme narcissist or borderline personality are very familiar with the phrases ‘radical acceptance’ and ‘radical release’. Narcissists are not in the business of linearity or common sense, and they never, ever, will be. Not for a moment. Not for a day. You cannot wait around hoping. In the end, you simply MUST release the idea that the narcissist will ever make sense in any normal fashion. They won’t, and they never will. If you don’t realize this early enough, you can be hurt badly, and the narcissist will revel in your pain.

So breathe deep, and forget your training and your logic. We’re through the looking glass. All you can do is strap in, try to smile, and go about your business.